Read And Review

  1. Aperture is a hole in the front of your camera lens which is where light enters through. Shutter speed is the exposure time, it allows you to control the brightness of your image. ISO is what controls the amount of light that is let in and something you can also adjust.
  2.  You would need to change your ISO when shooting in different settings according to the lighting.
  3. Shutter speed and aperture priority allows light inside the camera based on the image quality.
  4. AF modes are to choose several options to use while operating, you change through the lens of the camera.
  5. You need to meter the light to get the right exposure because you need the correct exposure results.
  6. White balance is usually used to adjust the colors. You change it depending on as if you want your color white to match.
  7. Depth the field is stay focused on the furthest and nearest. Sharp focus means the attention goes to the main subject since the background is blurred.
  8. Drive modes are the way your camera determines what the correct shutter speed is and the aperture as well.
  9. Exposure compensation is used to adjust exposure based on if the camera makes the photograph darker or brighter.